5 definitions by Big Geno

When someone shits on someone else.
Jon: I want to take our relationship to the next level.
Jon: So I want you to shit on me!
Martha: Ew, no Jon, that's sick, THATS SICK!
Jon: Come on, just one little Scat Job.
by Big Geno November 16, 2005
the leader of the mafia
Big Geno is the coolest guy in the world
by Big Geno March 24, 2005
The leader of the white Mafia at Anthem Skatepark
"Wow! Look at big Geno carve that shit!"
by Big Geno March 24, 2005
When you're having sex, and you go back and forth from the asshole to the vagina.
"Me and my girl friend love doing Brown Town Alley. Strangely, I enjoy it more than she does."
by Big Geno June 11, 2006
A gangster in Taylors white gang.

Also see: Big Geno, Tony, or Frankie
Big Geno: I hate Lil' T, he's a rival gangster. But he's no match for us.
by Big Geno March 30, 2005

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