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Someone who tends to put off defecation, otherwise known as taking a shit, until they have a loaf hanging at their kness. Derived from poo(feces) and dilly dallying (stalling)
that guy is walking so weird he must be a poodidler.
by Big Gay Jaiimes July 01, 2004
An old catch phrase used by cheap comic book and cartoon characters. Used to express extreme exitement. It also displays their level of femeninity if the character is male.
Golygeewilikers Batman! I am so EXCETIED and GAY!!
by Big Gay Jaiimes July 03, 2004
Something so good beyone belief
first used by dave calan of wasaga beach ontario canada
Scott-" Yo Dave dave we got some tunes for next class"

Dave-" Ohh ya, Kron-Don-Phenome-Non
by Big Gay Jaiimes March 30, 2005

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