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noun or verb. a spank on the ass that is administered and recieved by the male gender not as a form of punishment or flirtation but instead to show appreciation for a recently performed task.
1. Did you see Kobe "man spank" Lamar after that thunderous dunk?
2. If my boss continues to "man spank" me every time I hand in my report on time I'm going to start thinking he is gay.
by Big Francisco December 31, 2009
verb. The act of going into a public bathroom for the sole purpose of pilfering toilet paper and other "free" assundries.
1. "Heidi, we are getting low on Charmin. Would you mind making another restroom raid at the 7-11 before we completely run out?"
2. If you don't mind smelling like Old Spice, the bathroom of my Dad's golf club is a most excellent place to conduct a restroom raid.
by Big Francisco December 31, 2009
When you masturbate for the sole purpose of getting to sleep. "Snappy" referring to snap one off and "Snoopy" referring to being so tired you could fall asleep on the top of a dog house.
Dude, after tossing and turning for 3 hours I had to do a little Snappy, Snoopy just so I could get up for work.
by Big Francisco September 25, 2008

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