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To ejaculate in a woman's hair and then throw her down a flight of stairs.
"That chick took the Mexican Avalanche like a pro-skier." or "I Mexican Avalanched her twice and she still came back for more."
by Big Deezy February 21, 2003
1: The feeling reached when someone "Remembers that night in Panama"
2: Described as the feeling of the wetsuit rubbing against the genitalia when exiting the water.
Hey Alexa I just had the Panama Sensation kind of reminded me of that night in Panama damn it was good.
by Big Deezy February 14, 2004
To grow or grown, usually referring to facial hair, but can also apply to other types of hair and landscaping too. Can be used in past or present tense.
"I think I'm gonna grom a 'stache." or "Those bushes sure have grom since the last time I was here."
by Big Deezy February 21, 2003
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