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2 definitions by Big D from the A-State(Arkansas)

1. Lil Wayne fool, aka Birdman jr. aka Fly Weezy aka dewayne carter
they call me birdman jr., i'm flier than the rest, i'm tryna get a couple cool pigeons to the nest

part of lil wayne's verse on fly as the sky feat. chamillionaire and rasaq
1.a nigga or niggette(female nigga) who steady on the grind tryna to and gettin that paper.

2. a dealer of illegal substances

3. a nigga like me that don't like the government interferin' with me chasin the paper train

4. a rapper
1.(guy 1 on tha corner) I got what u need dog
(guy 2) yea, exactly what i need, a hustla

4RicRoss:Everyday I'm hustlin Lil' Wayne:Hustla Musik
Cassidy: I'm a Hustla Juvenile: Get Your hustle on
you get the idea