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Female nigga{hey they got a female e'rythang else}
to a girl: Whaddup nigga
girl: do I have a d**k?
person: no
girl: righ, that's why I'm a niggette
person: fine then; whaddup niggette
niggette: yo d**k
by DatBytchUWant~~Lala August 08, 2004
A female friend. As nigga is ma male friend
To all ma niggas and niggettes I miss yall. Ya nigga, Papi
by NativeNigga August 01, 2005
An enhanced version of nigga, referring to someone who does things in an extra nigga manner, but also combining a sense of professionalism. Niggettes love peanut butter and bananas together, and also like to not give a fuck about anything.
Bill: Tom is such a Niggette, he just pissed in public, sober, and doesnt care.

Sam:Yeah, but he did it with swag.
by grr_egg September 05, 2011
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