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7 definitions by Big Boi

To love somebody with no conditions or circumstances: to love completely
I love that girl. Do I need a reason? no but I love that girl completely.
by Big Boi March 29, 2005
565 160
For real
True playa fo'reel/Ask my nigga Pharrell
by Big Boi December 17, 2003
6 3
some lame ass white boy who wants to be black and wears white tees and worships the bbd
god that kid is just like sanvich
by big boi March 13, 2005
1 10
dirrogutory term for white folk.
shut up white boy, cracker, ofay.
by BIG BOI February 10, 2004
126 138
gangsta nigga
dat gangsta nigga got a 12 guage shotty
by big boi December 20, 2003
11 28
short version of the word coosh, the bomb marijuana.
Lets roll a blunt of some chron.. na bro i got me the bombs, purple coo. Enough said lets smoke.
by Big Boi June 17, 2006
4 32
a man also known as a mandingo
ummm girl, that white boy with his little 3 inch thang aint goin' do it for me. I need Yoni's mandingo!
by big boi January 16, 2005
14 66