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1) n. Synonym for food.

2) adj. descriptor for delightfully tastey food
1) You hungry? Let's get some grub.

2) This pizza is fuckin' grub, dude.
by Big Tim September 23, 2003
John Romero
If you clip thru the wall in Doom II on the last level, the Icon of Sin is actually John Romero
by Big Tim September 23, 2003
the attude black people usually give you. its usually worse than a white person attiude.
mrs symanski doesnt give jalesa any problems because she doesnt wanna have to deal with her blackatude.
by big tim February 04, 2005
a small town on long island that has a population of about 6000, its a good town but nothing good happens, than again nothing bad happens eather.
center moriches is hella good but if you live in the dez it sucks
by big tim August 24, 2004
a tall skinny kid with poor cordination and usually runs track.

greg braidy.
god taylor, jimmy, steve fournier, and chirs pool are all such goatnecks
by big tim August 24, 2004
To become gay or intrinsically homosexual.

v. rainbowify
Jess underwent rainbowification and look at her now, that militant lesbian bitch!
by Big Tim July 09, 2004
a FAG!!! One who fights for the ass.
Big Tim: "You think you can out drink me?"
Josh: "Fuck yeah"
Big Tim: "You're such an ass warrior, damn"
by Big Tim July 31, 2003

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