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7 definitions by Bif Loman

When actors engage in a romance for the run of a show.
Once the run is over so is the romance.
The term originated in the theater and moved to movies and scripted television and then reality television.
The term has now moved to the populace to discribe any contrived romance.
Dude 1: I didn't know Anthony and Cicely were dating.
Dude 2: It's just a showmance, Cicely is just dating Anthony just to make Edgar jealous.

Dude 1: I didn't know Anthony and Cicely were dating.
Dude 2: They're not. It's just a showmance, Anthony is gay.
by Bif Loman July 17, 2006
1176 553
When 2 dudes have a threesome with a girl and their dicks inadvertently touch.
I'm totally freaked out. Last night, JJ and I had a threesome with that hood rat Cicely and we crossed swords. Does that mean I'm gay?
by Bif Loman February 22, 2006
163 61
To fail spectacularly at something where success was all but assured. From the resounding defeat Hillary Clinton took in the Iowa caucus.
Dude 1: I thought I was going to ace that math exam but I totally hillaried it.
Dude 2: That's your problem, you were so confident, you didn't study. So of course you were hillaried.
by Bif Loman January 04, 2008
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An expression said when one person figuratively puts down another person. An expression said in a moment of frustration or exasperation. An expression said when one person gets over on another person. A plea for help or sympathy.
Playa 1: I saw you lady at the club last night. She was really putting on a show.
Playa 2: You know we are havin' problems, don't tase me bro!

DMV Clerk: I am sorry but you need to stand in line F.
Suspended license driver: I stood in the wrong line for an hour? Don't tase me bro!

Dude 1: My car broke down, I need a ride to work. Can you help a brother out?
Dude 2: Sorry man, can't do it, not today.
Dude 1: Please, I'm beggin' ya, don't tase me bro!
by Bif Loman December 20, 2007
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To be dismissed as irrelevant. To be put down verbally.
To be figuratively slapped .
Dude 1: Dude, that meeting was rough.
Dude 2: I know, the boss really pimp slapped you when you started to say we should stop focusing on the bottom line.
Dude 1: That bitch didn't even listen to me. I hate her.

Playa 1: Did ya see that hottie at the club last night giving me the once over?
Playa 2: N**** please, that hood rat was just checking you out 'cause she can't believe someone still wears Tommy in 2006.
Playa 1: Why you do me like that? I'm not some 'ho that you can pimp slap whenever you want.
by Bif Loman March 23, 2006
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Not a physical slap. Whenever a person of power puts down or otherwise rejects someone or something they suggest.
Dude 1: Can you beleive what happened to Julio in the meeting? Dude 2: I know the boss totally pimp slapped him when she rejected his idea.
by Bif Loman February 22, 2006
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A figurative slap in the form of a harsh, verbal put down, usually a superior (or someone who thinks they are) to a subordinate to show who is the pimp and who is the 'ho.
Dude 1: The boss gave you a real pimp slap this morning when you suggested flex time.
Dude 2: I know, in front of everyone. When she hasn’t been laid in a while, watch out, she will pimp slap you everytime.

Playa 1: Did you see that hottie eyeballing me at the club last night.
Playa 2: Please, that hood rat was mad dogging you because she can’t believe anyone is still wearing Tommy is 2006.
Play 1: Why you pimp slap me like that, I thought we were brothers?

by Bif Loman April 03, 2006
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