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1 definition by Bibbler

Basically 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Coined by E.Kasner who also coined the Googolplexwhich is a googol multiplyed by a googol
Guy1 "I think i'll count from 1 to a googol"

Guy2 "ok guess I'll see you in heaven"

Guy1 "why?"

Guy2 "Because it will take your whole life to even come close to counting to a Googol"

Guy1 "ohhhhh, well how about a million?"

Guy2 " (sighs) cya in about 15 years then"

Guy1 "But i thought..."

Guy2 pulls out a pistol and shoots himself

Guy1 "Was it something i said?"

Guy2's dead body shoots himself again twice.
by Bibbler November 18, 2008
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