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the answer to all in this horrible world of ours
a friend with weed is a friend indeed
by Bianca February 23, 2005
1)Sexy, Fine
2)The way a guy calls a girl if she is sexy.
-Look at that chula over their, she's fine.
-Ay chula come here.
by BIANCA April 15, 2004
Exquisit underground band which contain five members who play mellow toned beats, sing with depth, and meaningful lyrics.
No one I know knows of The Walkmen, and that makes them even more kick ass.
by Bianca August 05, 2004
Tupac is the best rapper of all time. He was the first to rap about things with meaning, all Biggie rapped about was the normal main stream thigs like every other rapper
"he sold more records and is the numberone M.C. ever"
by bianca December 10, 2003
-acting all crazy.
-That girl is goin' hiphey on her baby daddy's ass, now she's askin' fo child support.
-He goin hiphey wit that hypnotic.
by BIANCA April 15, 2004
always having a say in someone elses business
u all put ya two cents in
did nobody ask for your two cents
by bianca March 27, 2005
1. to be on your way

2. to get your feet moving

3. to begin the action of doing
"you read to go Jake... well get along little doggies"
by Bianca April 08, 2004

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