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3 definitions by Bhester Version 1.0

Syndrome that's sweeping the wrestling community due to the mass awesomeness of TNA Superstar Lance Hoyt.
Hoytamania is runnin wild in the Impact Zone! Hoyt! Hoyt! Hoyt! Hoyt! Hoyt!
by Bhester Version 1.0 October 29, 2005
Edge is the moniker that WWE wrestler Adam Copeland uses. He is known for betraying his friends by fucking their girlfriends.
Edge is feces.

WWE Fan #1: Did you hear that that scumbag Edge got Matt Hardy fired?
WWE Fan #2: Yeah, I hate that low-life piece of Feces.
by Bhester Version 1.0 April 21, 2005
Someone who is a fan of WWE Superstar Edge. Other names used to refer to these people are morons, assclowns, and Fecalfeliacs.
I'm an Edgehead! I fucked your girlfriend!
by Bhester Version 1.0 July 12, 2005