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By using the comment 'Prick yeah' you are insinuating that the person who initially spoke is a prick. The confirmation of this fact is backed up with 'Yeah'. This can also be used as a general insult or dismissal. The term is generally used loosely amongst friendship groups and can become comical to use every time a person starts to speak. Short and snappy delivery, big impact.
A room filled with people chatting and having a good time. Monique said aloud "Girls aloud are real singers with AMAZING voices. I love them"
Walter replies "prick yeah" and the comment is dismissed. Monique looks like an idiot.

prick idiotic stupidity insult twat idiot
by Betty & Dorris Afternoon TEA December 03, 2010
Originating from South Park's “what the heck is a Rim Job” This specific spelling of “Jawb” plays on the accent in which the line SHOULD be spoken so therefore it should be written that way denoting the comedy in the line...Its pretty much all about the accent
“What the heck is a rim jaawb??”
Essentially the same definition as a “Rim Job”

See “Rim Job” for further definitions.
Terry wants to talk about bumming. He asks Barry what a rim job is. Barry puts on his best 'voice' and replys "WHAT THE HECK IS A RIM JAWB!??" Terry is left none the wiser.

rim job
by Betty & Dorris Afternoon TEA December 08, 2010
1.) An insult to someone you think puts things up their arse on a regular basis.
2.) A fictional character who just loves bum beads. All different shapes, sizes and lengths. He's tried them all. In fact he's probably still got an action man head wedged up there somewhere.
Geraldine turns to Gladis....wide eyed she says "the bum bead monkey". Gladis turns bright red as she's always puttung stuff up there
by Betty & Dorris Afternoon TEA December 08, 2010

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