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39 definitions by Betty

a hot jerk.
graig may be a jerk, but he is one hot piece of ass.
by betty February 12, 2004
12 18
people who get tiny mohawks, listen to good charlotte and claim they're punk.
sometimes claim to listen to real punk (clash/pistols) but have no clue.
lame fake punk: hey man i love punk music like the offspring, good charlotte and blink182, fuck yeah!

Flop: B'z up, im bloods although i live in australia! i own this city.

punk: Fuck Off.
by betty November 16, 2004
5 12
Natural blond person who is not stupid.
Our new vice-president is yellow-haired.
by Betty July 26, 2004
9 18
Boobs accidently said wrong
You've got nice berbs
by Betty February 11, 2004
5 16
johnny depp is the deifition of hottie! He is definently the perfect man. he is hot, sexy, expierienced,loyal to his fans, a great actor, rich, o and did i mention HOTTTTTT!
if you are a total depp head then visit
it is a site co-run by me im betty
come and sign the guestbook! ive got a case of j.d.o.c.d
by betty November 18, 2004
29 41
a chick who admires a guy who freely expresses himself through dress or colorful vocabulary
My broadzilla is turned on by free spirited self-expression either in flamboyant and showy appearance or brazen displays of articulate and eloquent vocabulary.
by Betty October 02, 2004
1 14
A blumpkin with diarrhea. Receiving oral while sitting on the toilet and taking a dump at climax. Usually a surprise as the loose stool is not expected and the blumpkin becomes a frumpkin.
Debbie is still pissed off at me because she was working me into some blumpkin action when to my surprise I frumpkined and she got a little messy.
by betty February 25, 2005
10 24