39 definitions by Betty

Awesome name to call someone. Everyone should use it.
I love it when you call me Bunny-Nose.
by Betty January 05, 2004
Something so awful that both the adjectives disgusting and horrible must be applied in order to achieve full explanation.
suzi's bad hair cut is frightening -- almost discorrible!
by Betty September 14, 2003
You are so bad that you cant even say gg no re. So you say uninstall. You are so bad that you should just stop doing it.
NAW NAW!!! Uninstall man
by Betty March 09, 2005
- a psychotic and grumpy bastard
What happened to you - you used to be so cool, now you're such a m0rg0th!
by Betty November 04, 2004
A cool guy that knows his shiznit about shiznit.
I didn't know what to do, so I gave my Methangel a call.
by Betty February 19, 2003
To be "Edderful", one who has attained "Edderness". A substitution for any word. Can make a good rhyme.
Damn, that was one hot edderful biatch!
by Betty January 04, 2004
the splashing of pudding.
Raul dropped his cookie monster bowl and a mass amount of sloshy pudding outfiggeted!
by betty February 04, 2005

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