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If you searched for these 2 letters then you're more then likely looking for definitions of runescape.
Well, here you go.

1. RS-ing - the act of playing runescape
2. abbreviation to refer to runescape
I was playing RS all night the other day, and i realised...I've wasted my life following this gay ass game.
by Betterman February 25, 2005
A site that literally thosands of players must type into their web address bar everyday. These kids ranging from the ages of 9-12 and boarder line retarded, but still get a credit card to buy membership.

If you play runescape and are still not convinced it sucks, try these games:
Dark eden
Priston tale
Conqure online
The major reason the kids play runescape is because they are so unaware of newer and better games out there.
by Betterman February 25, 2005
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