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3 definitions by Beta Rho

The portion of skin connecting the scrotum to the base of the penis.
"Dude, my skruttle itches super bad."
by Beta Rho January 21, 2009
8 2
a device used to measure the amount of smegma build-up within the foreskin of an uncircumcised male penis
"Dude, can i borrow you smegmometer? I feel like it's starting to build."
"Yeah bro, it might be time for spring cleaning."
by Beta Rho January 26, 2009
7 5
The act of milking the sweat from one's scrotum, storing it in a vase, then placing aforementioned contents into an unsuspecting dame's beverage. (Preferably at a bar/night club/pour down a stripper's throat)
Female: "My drink tastes kinda funny"
Frat Douche: "Babe, you shouldn't have been such a bitch to our waiter. I bet he brought you a moroccan martini."
by Beta Rho January 21, 2009
3 14