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The most beautiful girl ever. She usually has brown hair and full lips. She's really nice, but stay away if you get on her bad side. She'll stick up for her friends and kill a bitch for them. If you have a friend named Emmy you're the luckiest bitch in the world. If you have a girlfriend named Emmy than you're the luckiest guy in the world. She's loving and caring, and a really great kisser. Or if you hooked up with an Emmy, you're lucky too. Because Emmy's are usually hoes and are ready to get down and dirty.
girl 1: OMG! emmy is such a great friend
girl 2: i wish i had a friend named emmy..
girl 1: well u can ask my emmy to be friends, she will probably be friends with you too
girl 2: okay :)

boy 1: omg emmy's so hot
boy 2: i know right? i wanna date her,
boy 1: i already hooked up with her, shes really good.
boy 2: okay, ill hook up with her too :)
by BestBabexox December 28, 2010

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