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1) The best work of literary art ever created divided into three books each of which is subdivided into two books. A must–read for any human.

2) Lord Sauron, forger of the Rings of Power which he controlled with the One Ring (Ash Nazg).
1) Lord of the Rings is my favorite book!

2) We must smite the Lord of the Rings!
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
Literally, in the language of Mordor, "the one ring." Can be found in the ringspell chanted by Gandalf in the council of Elrond.
Ash Nazg durbatuluk.
(One Ring to rule them all.)
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
Code name of Foxhound operative Frank Jaeger. Killed in Zanzibar Land, but revived, drugged, and experimented upon by his unit. Tests resulted in formation of Genome Army. Excelled only in fighting and fought only for what he believed in.

See also Ninja.
Gray Fox is amazing.
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
A person known to an individual only through the internet or other electronic linking devices or services.

(NOTE: NOT an apple product mean to keep one company when they feel especially lonely.)
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
A thermal insulation body suit that simultaneously allows the wearer to stealthily sneak past and incapacitate any guard on duty.
Hey, my Sneaking Suit!
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
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