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17 definitions by Bernie

Mr Ed as in TV fame
an intelligent Horse
who's ever heard of a talking horse
I am Mr Ed
by Bernie May 30, 2003
anything you cant quite remember
i hid the thingy in the wha'sname
by Bernie September 24, 2003
A raucous band of mostly dead people today's youth seem to look up to. this has created a cult where the word Nirvana is written on every 12year olds school bag/ pencil case.
by Bernie September 24, 2003
Subject of conversation
what is your beef?
by Bernie September 24, 2003
scamming slighty
changing price label on a item in a shop, to a lower price.
by Bernie April 16, 2003
to thrash a car or vehicle
i razzed it all the way here
by Bernie September 24, 2003
Another word for Sex, or bone. Normally said with a minnesoatan accent.
Hey I got stoned this weekend!!

Hey, I wanna stone ya!!
by Bernie April 05, 2005