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A term used to describe the administration of a bitch slap so fierce that the target of said slap manages to break the gravitational pull of the earth and end up on the moon.
"Seriously dude, you keep that up and I will Bitch Slap you too the moon"
by Berkut666 November 23, 2011
The act of playing with a womans lady area while she is still wearing underwear.
Dude, that bar skank was up for it last night. I was patting the dog through the letterbox right there in the VIP!
by Berkut666 October 27, 2011
Noun: A sandwich lovingly made and supplied by your wife for hungry hubbys to munch on at work.
Ewan - "Hey Greg, fancy going to KFC for lunch"
Greg - "No thanks man, I am rolling with the wifewiches today"
Ewan - "Hmm, maybe I should get married..."
by Berkut666 September 29, 2011
To aggressively bum rape someone as an act of revenge or to teach them the error of their ways
Gmac "Ginger Butler, I have had enough of your incompetence. Its time I vigorously reprimanded you for you complete lack of skill"

Ginger Butler "Can you atleast use butter this time??!!"
by Berkut666 July 05, 2012

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