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Is a scientific discipline that studies the physical and chemical processes that occur during homosexual oral sex. Molecular gaystronomy seeks to investigate and explain the chemical reactions behind various types of anal and penis munching, as well as the social, artistic and technical components of gay oral sex phenomena in general.
Steve: Oh boy! you really sucked the life out of me this time
Franck: I know, its thanks to those molecular gaystronomy courses I have been attending at NYU
by Bergali September 02, 2010
A dude who thinks he is too fat
Steve: dude I have to go to the gym because I am gaining too much weight
Frank: you are a manorexic, stop acting like a little bitch
Steve: you are right, lets get some wings at Brother Jimmy's
by Bergali September 02, 2010
Irritation sustained from prolonged anal intercourse
Steve: Dude, whats up with the ketchup stain on your shorts?
Frank: Oh shit, I probably got homorrhoids from last night's sailor gang bang
by bergali September 21, 2010
Corporate surgayllance is the monitoring of a person or group's behavior by a coworker. The data collected is most often used for snitching, to badmouth others and regularly shared with other employees. It can be used as a form of business "intelligence", which enables the recipient to enhance his/her own perception at the firm.
Steve: Did you see the new Lindsey Lohan pics on the web?
Frank: I couldnt, that asswipe from accounting keeds looking around my cublivcle every time he goes to take a dump
Steve: Kick his ass, his corporate surgayllance is really screwing up your sexlife
by Bergali September 17, 2010
Congenital brother is a family member who aquired your DNA after kissing (or making out in any of its forms) an individual who has acquired you "amino acids" via oral sex.
Dany: welcome to the family, you're my new congenital brother
Stefan: ???
Dany: that skank you hooked up with was carrying a mouthful of my genetic code
by Bergali September 21, 2010

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