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Although generally believed to be a very safe city, a dark truth has been slowly coming to the community's attention. A formerly insignifcant problem is now causing concern among residents of the higher socioeconomic areas such as Turtle Rock and University Hills. Irvine's most exclusive areas are now falling to gang violence. As many as 13 new gangs are rising with many individual sets. The biggest ones include the University Hills Elite, Sierra Street Slingers, West Crest Traffikaz, and their arch rivals, the East Crest Cholos. Most of these notorious gangs have already formed deep alliances with other local syndicates. Although violence is kept to a minimum, there are two major war zones which are still considered disputed territories: French Hill and Turtle Rock Community Park. The Irvine Police Department has not yet taken any action as these gangs are small and thus far not a major threat. However, if this trend continues, urban riots may follow suit.

I'd rather say that we came to shut 'em all down
So quick to test bullet yes declare war
Roll and I'll blow when I get the gun for the murder mo' horror
For what the did it all pause for the cause and I
Fin to pull a nine or pistol little nigga wit mine fuck dem
niggas it's on
All y'all fall Bizzy gettin bitches test me bless the floor
In any attempt to arrest me stress me lord
Looking at death with the last of my breath
Follow follow my kids but don't sin in my steps
Yet the weapon is kept with the best of my secrets
Deep in the leaves I'm alone nigga believe
That I can see it if needed an if you really want me in
Well let it be and get the greens and be runnnin up over
by Berd Nicreo August 31, 2006
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