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n. then v. Based on the model of the noun "hard on", a hate on is an active hatred for someone or something that causes a visible physical reaction in a similar fashion that an erection would be a tell-tale sign of affection. Despite its origin, it is rarely used in a sexual context. It is male juvenile slang in the sense that it links, even indirectly, an emotion (hatred, jealousy, envy) to the male teenage obsession with the penis.
(noun) John has a hate on for all Republicans in Congress.

(verb) Please don't hate on me for being beautiful.
#hate-on #hate on #erection #hard on #hatred #envy
by Benoit Racine June 18, 2008
v. To shock or repulse. Adj.: mosquitoed. From the Mosquito device, an ultrasonic gadget used in teenage crowd dispersion in public places in South Wales, England, since 2005, which may or may not be responsible for the record number of teenage suicides in Bridgend, South Wales, 2006-2008. More than 7,000 Mosquito devices are now in operation in England, Europe, Canada and America. It emits an unpleasant sound that can only be heard by 15-27 year-olds.
Classical music has the unfortunate effect of mosquitoing his brains.

David was left totally mosquitoed by the experience.
#mosquito #bridgend #south wales #teenage suicide #crowd dispersion #shock #perturb #repulse #ultrasonic
by Benoit Racine June 19, 2008
n. Derisive name given to short khakis, capris or bermudas whose hemline falls anywhere between the knees and the ankles, worn by short, obese, white, bearded would-be hipsters from New Zealand to New Jersey, in order to hide the fat. Generally worn with a big shirt, most often Hawaiian.
Kevin Smith likes to wear his hobbit pants with a bowling team shirt.

Peter Jackson wore hobbit pants barefoot all through the shooting of "Lord of the Rings".

#hobbit pants #hobbit #bermudas #capris #khakis #shorts #kevin smith #peter jackson
by Benoit Racine June 19, 2008
n. (the adj. is “penis-cultural”) The term comes from Part II of Maggie Paley’s book “The Book of the Penis” (Grove Press, 2000). A conflation of late-adolescent and hip-hop culture, traditional sexist and homophobic attitudes in young men which makes them consider anything outside their everyday experience and their obsession with bodily functions and especially their own penis as “gay”. For instance, in penis culture, a child collecting seashells as a hobby is “gay”.

The penis-cultural movie reviewers weren’t kind to “Meet the Spartans”.

Any film that is not the adaptation of a comic-book can be seen as an insult to American penis culture.
#penis-cultural #penis culture #penis #culture #hip-hop #sexist #homophobic #sexism #homophobia #gay #gayness #maggie paley
by Benoit Racine June 19, 2008
n. An American racial slur aimed at male Hispanics and male Americans of Latino descent in general, referring to their greater willingness to wear form-revealing beachwear such a tiny Speedos, or swimming trunks made of lycra or spandex than the average obese or underendowed White Anglo-Saxon Protestant beachgoer.
There is a popular website showing candid pictures of well-endowed male Latinos in Speedos on the beach called "Hispandex".

After her trip to Coney Island, little Sue-Ann went to bed with visions of hispandex dancing in her head.
#hispandex #hispanic #latino #beachwear #speedo #thong #bikini #lycra #spandex #obesity #fitness #penis envy #macho #fat american
by Benoit Racine July 10, 2008
1. To kick the gong: To smoke opium (from Chinese opium dens of the last century where customers struck a gong to make the attendant come and bring them a pipe).

2. To mastubate (if you're male).
1. Lyrics from "Minnie The Moocher" (30's jazz hit for Cab Calloway):

She messed around with a bloke named Smokie
She loved him though he was cokey
He took her down to Chinatown
And showed her how to kick the gong around

2. She gave me such a case of blue balls last night I couldn't wait to get home to kick the gong.
#kick the gong #around #masturbation #opium den #masturbate
by Benoit Racine February 08, 2009
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