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n. An American racial slur aimed at male Hispanics and male Americans of Latino descent in general, referring to their greater willingness to wear form-revealing beachwear such a tiny Speedos, or swimming trunks made of lycra or spandex than the average obese or underendowed White Anglo-Saxon Protestant beachgoer.
There is a popular website showing candid pictures of well-endowed male Latinos in Speedos on the beach called "Hispandex".

After her trip to Coney Island, little Sue-Ann went to bed with visions of hispandex dancing in her head.
by Benoit Racine July 10, 2008
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1.A mexican or latin person
2.An annoying person
1.That guy making my burrito is hispandex.
2.Shut your face you hispandex!
by Jesus March 18, 2005
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