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When you and your friends play tag by the use of car alarms in a large parking lot. By setting off the alarms of different cars the "it" player tries to track down the other members in the party. Upon coming physically touched by the "it" person the game cycles all over again just like regular tag.
Remember, a parking lot is a dangerous place. Soo watch out for traffic, and people who don't want you playing. Let's play some good 'ol Car Alarm Tag, now let's get it on!
by Bennihana April 23, 2006
Etm: Ebonics; Stemming from rappers who have been fired upon i.e. 50 cent who's been shot nine times.
To do something, anything really, in an iteration of nine times. Usually used with an accompanying bravado in an attempt to create credibility/credit for having already completed the action nine times previously.
A) When asked if I wanted another trip up to the Las Vegas buffet I answered no. I cited that I not only did not want to contrive but had already nine timed it (referring to the buffet).
B) When Jen told me that the house needed to be straightened and wasn't flushed, I threatened her with a slap. Exclaiming that I would not only slap her, but nine time it.
by Bennihana September 07, 2005

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