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1. To succeed against the odds.
2. To attempt something against great odds.
1. "I'm gonna pull the moose tonight, mofo! Bo-yeah."
"He pulled the moose."
"You really pulled the moose tonight, Nogbert."
2. "What's Alicietta doing?" - "She's over there, pulling the moose on Dougfried."
by Bennifried September 15, 2005
Passing affirmative used in conversation. Stems from "Yeah" and "Uh-huh" combined. Pronunciation is almost impossible to replicate for non-Weegies.
"Were you at the fire eating contest last night?"
"Yeuh-huh I was there."
by Bennifried September 19, 2005
Related to "Yeuh-huh". "I know" is contracted into the same phrase.
"I play the viola."
"That's fucking weak, man."
"Yeuh-h'I know."
by Bennifried September 19, 2005

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