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1 definition by Bennett doctor in asstronomy

1. The scientific study of matter in the anus, especially the positions, dimensions, distribution, motion, composition, energy, and evolution of anal bodies and phenomena.

2. Examination of the anus, usealy with a telescope.
After Anal Ella got pounded by a 14 inch cock, she had to go to a special doctor, who was very skilled at the art of asstronomy.

"My uncle Ted knows a lot about asstronomy, I'm sure he could tell you a lot about YOUR ANUS." said Jimmy, who was then promptly beat up.

After Robyn had an asstromomier preform asstronomy on her ass, he found 5 condoms, 3 pounds of seman, 2 pencils, and 1 toy robot.
by Bennett doctor in asstronomy February 01, 2006