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A term used to describe repeated searches or extensive use of eBay.
"I was trawling the 'bay when I realised that for 11 years to the minute I hadn't left my basement."
by ben236 December 13, 2007
An extension of the term beauty sleep, beauty coma implies that a person is so unattractive they must sleep for up to several years in order to become beautiful.
1: "Well, I think I'll hit the hay. I need my beauty sleep."
2: "Girl, with what you got goin' on, you gonna need a beauty coma! Mmm mmm."
by ben236 December 13, 2007
A penis viewed from the side. Best used in situations where emoticons are available, especially ones which have open mouths and are facing the right side of the screen (such as :o in Windows Live Messenger).

This symbol is similar to C=8 however it can prove challenging to make the latter appear on the correct angle for use in conjunction with emoticons.
Me: Help me come up with an example. I need at least 20 letters and 3 words.

*Sees following message* "___________ appears to be offline. Messages you send will be delivered when they sign in.'

Me: Fuck you!
Me: :o c=u
by Ben236 October 03, 2007

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