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refering to and/or caused by a person giving another person hed; they are usually in the position so long that there jaw just kinda gets stuck hanging open and will not shut for a series of hours
Quit sucking my dick. You're going to get lock jaw.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
n. A male who "jacks off"; v. to masturbate. adj. Dumbass
n. He's such a jackoff.
v. Don't let me catch you jacking off again.
Adj. That fucking jackoff guy.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
The process of a woman screwing with five male purple headed yogurt slingers at once (left hand, right hand, asshole, vagina, and mouth). The biggest -cock possible is a dodecacock (12) (pentacock plus left foot, right foot, left ear, right ear, left nostril, right nostril, and belly-button).
Chelsea used the pentacock to fuck five guys at once.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
when ejaculation has occured past it's maximum point
Why is it still cumming like that?
I don't know. It's run off.
by Ben fuckermother August 26, 2003
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