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6 definitions by Ben Waugh

Sexual intercourse. A term widely used in Virginia in the 1970s.
I pluked your sister and shot my glue on your family's sofa.
by Ben Waugh October 13, 2004
33 30
1) (acronym)Mental Entities Needing Total Attention Lodge

2) Created for the website that later adopted the word "M.E.N.T.A.L"

3) Old piece of furniture, usually a sofa, that goes around eating people

see Bentrix for other words related to this company
1) "i found a cool website..."

2) "hey...look, another cool website, called M.E.N.T.A.L, i wonder why?"

3) "OMG this early piece of victiorian furniture is trying to bite my leg off!"
by Ben Waugh August 10, 2004
13 10
1) (Adj) : - to describe a British film company with no successful films, or films of a specific spoof genre.

2) (Adj) : - to describe an unfinished Biritsh film or unfinished idea

3) : - A British Based Film Company, founded in 2004 that is yet to create any films
1) "That film was so typical of a Lurican Pictures"

2) "Alas, if he only he had time before he died, then maybe his film wouldn't be Lurican Pictures"
by Ben Waugh December 13, 2004
4 11
1) Nicknames given to children of those who's names start with Ben...

2) Small leprechaun/hobbit creature that exists to give bizzare advice. Has stubby fingers and toes, often needs a hair cut and seeks to live in hobbit hole in ireland or middle earth.

3) Form of sticky slime related to the spoof film Bentrix
1) "Hey Benish...are you coming to the cinema with us?"

2) "omg....you're so like a Benjaminimum....god, i wish you just leave your benish behaviour at home"
"Hey! it's benish! hello benish....welcome to another boring science lesson benish!"

3) "What's along the walls and ceiling?" - "that my friend, is Benish, a sticky slime that will turn you into a statue if you yell at it"
by Ben Waugh August 10, 2004
10 24
1) slang: To describe something as wicked or Strikingly good
2) ricket(s): Disease caused by a lack of Vitamin D causing defective bone growth
1) "You like well rickets in that suit"
2) "His bone structure suggests he has rickets"
by Ben Waugh December 22, 2005
23 52
To describe an outbreak of genitial Herpes, Genitial Warts or Crabs
"I got some really bad vibes from a girl last week..."
"I keep having to scratch down there... i think i might have bad vibes"
"He's running like he has some really bad vibes"
by Ben Waugh December 29, 2005
17 99