11 definitions by Ben Faulding

An Elevator ride to or from the top or high floor of a building that stops at every floor on the way up or down.
"I tried to get out of work before those idiots downstairs in accounting so I wouldn't have to take the scenic route in the elevator ride down"
by Ben Faulding September 27, 2005
When you instant message someone the second you see them sign on, not even allowing them to put their away message up; thereby creeping them out a bit
The other day I had to aimbush one of my classmates, because sometimes she signs on and goes to take a shower. She might not have gotten the message for hours.
by Ben Faulding March 08, 2006
1. One who goes on dates he/she met on jdate
2. Someone who constantly searches profiles on the jewish dating service jdate
I've met my last three boyfriends on the internet.
Wow you are such a jdater
by Ben Faulding January 09, 2006
When you feel like you're about to sneeze and it doesn't come and you feel like your head is about to explode.
John: Oh man I just had a sneeze that didn't come out.
Jake: OH, you mean an Achoo-Stillbirth . I hate those.
John: Yeah, they're almost as bad as blue balls
by Ben Faulding January 08, 2006

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