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Somethhing you call a guy when you are pointing them out. You don't say it to their face you say it to other people. Replaces the word guy and dude.
A) hey who was the guy that through a spit ball at me
B) Ooooo you mean that chick (points to the guy)
A) ooo ya thanks
#hey #that #chick #dude #replace #boy #man #kid
by Bella272219 November 28, 2011
Coupmash is the mashed up words couple mash. coupmash are the two names of a couple mashed together to create a cute name. People use this to create a name for a couple.To crate a coupmash you take the first part of one of there names and the second part of the other name
A) Hey were is brad and angalina
B) Dont you mean brangalina
A) Ooooo I didn't know they were a couple
B) Yup that's there coupmash
A) Awww that's such a cute coupmash
#coupmash #coup #mash #couple mash #couple
by Bella272219 November 29, 2011
Something you say when one doesn't reply or offends you. It's terms are used sarcastically and usually make the person realize what they did or forgot to do.
A) Hey can you help me with my homework
B) Sure
A) Okay so what do I do to divide
B) You take this number and umm wait got to go my mom pulled up finish it at home
A) Luv ya too
B) O sorry bye
#luv #love #<3 #ya #yo #you #2 #to #too #luv ya too #love you too #luv ya to #sarcasm #remember
by Bella272219 November 28, 2011
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