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KyleKawaiiSotoChan is a very unique individual, very stylish, and super kawaii all the time. He writes poems, he worships KPOP, and enjoys long moonlit strolls along the streets of the hood.

Overall, KyleKawaiiSotoChan is the epitome of badassicleness, but is often noted for his beautiful face that has been strewn all over the underground modeling world of Japan, caring disposition, kindred soul, and lastly a whimsical and endearing heart. He is loved by all, and envied by many.
Oh, KyleKawaiiSotoChan, how do you manage to be so awesome?
by Begiggledorf January 05, 2012
Egg- Zack- Leigh
The most amazing person on the face of the planet. Has a slightly big forehead but an even bigger heart. Loves dogs, and reeses peanut butter cups. Hates bananas and anything squishy.

Beautiful eyes and an even more beautiful soul. Gives amazing hugs when you need assurance and love, and is always there when you need to laugh or cry.

Words can't even begin to describe.
"He's an awesome director, (Egg) Zack Leigh!"
by Begiggledorf December 14, 2011

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