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The good old place in the Central Valley that is constantly ripped on by Fresno People.. Gets extremely hot and very cold in the winter even though it hardly ever freezes, has an awesome school called Cedarwood Elementary that everyone wishes they could go to which is right on the city limit. Old town Clovis is also the shinazizazz becuase it has Clovis Music Center which stocks ESPs constantly, and it has a school that has been there for over a hundred years, CHS, basicaly Clovis is a French name for something, and we also have a rodeo that makes Old town smell for a month, which no one really goes to. The country around Clovis is pretty cool too and everyone thinks it is the coolest place ever.. ever
Out of towners:tarsh cognit i wish i could live in Clovis
by Beerman3509 July 25, 2006

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