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Racketeering; A brainwashing cult. If you knew you could lose rights by seeing a psych. prof., you would have to be a fool to see one; well you can lose rights by seeing a psych prof., even your right to vote.
If a patient tells his doctor the medicine isn't working, it is increased (along with it's unpleasant painful side effects) until the patient sings the medicine's praises out of the fear of death and suicide caused by and wholly related to the medicine. Indirect death threats is how psychiatrist subdue, intimidate people. (a listed side-effect of anti-psychotic medication, Haldol, is death.) Sure lots of patients die of related strokes, murders, suicides, and side-effects, but these expendable people are acceptable losses in the war for psychiatry. Psychs deliberately anger patients, who then stressfully suppress their rage making them seem ill. Unlike prison sentences, psych treatments are administered indefinately to cause fears and anger in the patients; causing episodes that get used to justify psychiatry and boost stock revenues. The goal of psychiatry is to cause worry, anger and confusion and treat. The med related deaths serve to help the psych mob intimidate and make their patients seem so sick they have to take life-threatening medicine by force to treat imbalances cause by genes they 'might' have. This is a form of racism, but is called 'scientific progress' by freedom hating psychs. Psychiatry Psucks, but don't worry about it, lest. . .
"Psychiatrists secretly plan to chemically brainwash religious people out of the chosen beliefs by force because psychiatrist hate freedom of religion and ignorant tax-payers fund their evil bullshit"
"Racketeering in Psychiatry has threatened and killed more people than the mafia because the 'rare' chance of death in their medicine is somewhat random and concealed by patient confidentiality and spread out thinly among tens of millions of patients."
"Tom avoided Gary because Tom wanted to stay out of Gary's highly secretive psychiatric cult group that met behind locked doors where somepeople couldn't get out and were forcibly drugged."
by BeenThereDoneThat24356364 December 05, 2011

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