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a vicious frontal attack on one's genitals
also can be referred to as a jimmy sack whack or a jimmy tap

"Hey whats up, Owwww...Why'd you give me a jimmy tap?"
by Beegis June 23, 2006
a penis, a boob or another form of a human body part, the person who says this may be very creative. also can be used as a verb as the word dusseling, meaning to mess around or to participate in fencing, a duel. this word is derived from Düsseldorf, Germany
"Hey, your dussel is showing."
"Quit dusseling around and do something!"
"Hey, lets dussel"
by Beegis June 23, 2006
another word for jimmy tap but much more vicious
"Hey, do you know what a jimmy sack whack is?" "No, what is it?" "I'll show you." "Oww, why'd you do that, now I'm not going to be able to have kids."
by Beegis June 23, 2006
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