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1. Gratification gained from watching crappy movies.

2. The condition in which cinematic gratification depends on one's insistence of viewing films ironically, out of curiosity despite their better judgement, or indulging in "guilty pleasures."

3. The quality of being compelled to view films that one knows will be horrible.

Related forms:
cin⋅e⋅mas⋅och⋅ist, noun
cin⋅e⋅mas⋅och⋅is⋅tic, adjective
cin⋅e⋅mas⋅och⋅is⋅ti⋅cal⋅ly, adverb
A: I'm going to go see that new Nicholas Cage movie.

B: That's cinemasochism!

A: I know.
by Beeblebrox&Roll March 19, 2009
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