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Couple of political columnists who make you happy to be a red state voter, but sad to be a blue state looser.
"I heard about Cox & Forkum, and almost wet my pants laughing," nobody from a blue state would say that.
by BeeJiggity January 04, 2005
1. A state filled with people under the mistaken perception that AL Gore would have been a good president. 2. To Loose. 3. The mood of a resident of a loosing state after a properly conducted nationwide election. 4. Home to a buncha, winey, cheese lovin' Francofiles who can't wait for the USA to become subserviant to any other nation. Like Lithuania. Fuckin pussies.
1. The internet is a most facinating invention so we in this blue state use it.
2. I got a blue state on my scratch-off lottery ticket.
3. After that election, bubba found himself in a truly blue state; so he went off and fucked a Hollywood starlet. (Blue state, ain't all bad...)
4.Gerrard took his time choosing where to live. He wanted to be certain his actions would be controlled by some foriegn power, so he moved to a blue state where there were fewer people with backbone to whoop his puss-ass.
by BeeJiggity December 21, 2004

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