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2 definitions by Bee to da' A

(Burr-nank-ee, Burr-nank-ee-in)
adjective, verb, Bernanke, Bernankein’

1) Bookworming when decisive action is needed.

2) Not in touch with current realities.

3) An incompetent person, given an important task.
You: I’ll go to the library and see if I can find a book on “how to put out a fire” then I’ll come back and try to put out the house fire.
Me: Yeah, go Bernanke it.

You: And that’s the way it is.
Me: You be Bernanke.

2 and 3.
You: I’m on top of that situation.
Me: Don’t be Bernankein’.
You: I’ll let him take charge of that.
Me: Don’t let Bernanke touch nothin’.
by Bee to da' A March 10, 2008
1) Farting

2) A noisy fart
You: What’s goin’ on?
Me: Just sittin' around listening to my butt call me a bratt.

Me: What the hell was that?
You: My butt callin’ me a bratt.
by Bee to da' A March 10, 2008