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A person, either male or female, who enjoys one's talent enough to create the desire to form a relationship with them, whether it be a friendship, casual relationship, or romantic relationship. These girls often proved to be muses and inspirations for the musicians, due to the combination of loyal fan and friend.

The term gained a negative connotation when those who were jealous of and/or didn't agree with the groupie lifestyle started using the word with a negative connotation. This turn was also attributed to many of the value-less groupies who began using musicians to gain fame or money after giving small sexual favors to roadies and lowly crew members.
"God, that girl is such an obnoxious groupie, she's just using (insert musician here) to live in luxury!"

"Pamela Des Barres is the coolest groupie ever! She dated Jimmy Page and hung out with John Lennon!"
by BeatleBandaide August 04, 2006
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