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2 definitions by Beanbag12

The japanese term for Toyota Trueno Gt-Apex. Chassis code is AE86 (the term 86 is not because of its year model but the chassis)
A popular drift car for its light-weight rear wheel drive set up.

Also appears in Initial D. It is a story of a kid named Takumi who delivers tofu at night by taking his father, Bunta's Hachi-roku out. Because of takumi's skill in downhill touge he quickly finds himself in the mountain street racing prefectures of gunma.
Takumi mastered the downhill drifting in Bunta's Hachi-Roku
by Beanbag12 April 18, 2005
Basically everybody is jealous of your location. You are a train ride away from Manhattan which in your words is just the city.You are basically a legacy at Sacred Heart, St. Roberts, OLBS, St. Kevin’s p.s. 41. ps. 31 ms 158 or ms 74.. For high school if you were a girl or a guy you went to Prep. A guy went to Cross. You make friends in high school but you know the real people you hang out with went to your grammar school i.e. Sacred Heart. One of your parents probably dated one of your friend’s parents at some point in their childhood. You are either Irish or Italian and extremely proud of it ( or mabye the minoritys like koreans, preuvian, russian, chinese,etc). .
At age 13 you started hanging out at Bay Terrace and Crocheron by the gazebos until you are about 15 and start going to Dempsey’s ( and yes it is still called Dempsey’s even though the name has been changed to McGuire’s) for 10 cent wings on Wednesdays. Eventually you class yourself up and head across the street to Ladies night at Bourbon’s street. A big night out is heading to the city and taking the dreaded 4:19 train back and seeing everyone who went to your grammar school at Penn Station.
At 17 when you get you license you have to drive it on frany lou. You know that hooking up with; messing with, seeing and going out with someone are completely different things. You don’t understand why but everyone is jealous that you live right by Bell Blvd. After prom you most likely attended the booze cruise. You would never actually go to Time Square on New Years. Instead you go to someone’s summer house in the long island, Hamptons, Montauk, Breezy or PA. Any place outside the city is foreign and not a pleasant place to be. (i.e chicago)
Everybody knows everybody and everybody’s business.
Beep Ba Ba Beep Go Bayside!
by Beanbag12 April 18, 2005