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a nasty ugly dirty fat chick, the word originated from st. charles, mi
DAMN! Look at that Bad River Buffalo eatin grass over there.

I really regret takin that Bad River Buffalo home last night.
by BeLegitStoopid July 01, 2010
A phrase meaning take care and stay outta trouble. Also dont be out there actin like a hoe. Or if your beefin with somebody and your looking for a fight.
Alright Im outta here man ill holler at you later!
Ok bro stay off the sidewalks!

Damn I got crabs again!
You shoulda stayed off the sidewalks man!

Hey Jimbo slept with your mom dude!
Yeah well I reckon he better stay off the sidewalks then!
by BeLegitStoopid November 19, 2010
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