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Challenge Day is a commercialized movement made popular by Oprah Winfrey where groups of over 100 people fork over thousands of dollars to be led in large scale touchy- feely group exercises and group therapy. A one day event, Challenge Day uses manipulative tools such as sad music and imagining one's death to get people to participate in the activities. Many consider Challenge Day to be a cult, citing that participants are not allowed to discuss Challenge Day activities with those tho did not participate, the use of hand symbols, cryptic messages, and people's absolute faith in the so called cause. Many also cite the idea that Challenge Day can be detrimental to a person's health and well being in that it attacks a person's emotions in the form of large scale group therapy, but does not offer any sort of follow-up with the participants.
Guy 1 "yeah, i say a sign to switch my thumbs and to drop my waterline"
Guy 2 "Don't worry about it- it's just some Challenge Day crap"
by BeAtrixters August 19, 2009

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