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36 definitions by BeAsT

Hot as hell, that had a marathon gang bang the night before. Usually with 8-10 kids before age 20. Employed at uncle/dads barn tittie bar.
I f*cked the trailer park chick, I got lucky and was the first one in line.
by Beast November 18, 2003
Where's my daddy?
1. That stupid bastard!
2. Oh my god, they killed kenny, you bastard!
3. My ho's baby daddy is a bastard.
by Beast November 18, 2003
spanish for "the hour before dawn" aka the darkest of night (morning?) aka band from europe
the best time to go papering is madrugada
by beast April 17, 2005
Fine+then meshed together into one beastie word, yunstame?
-I dont wanna call you!

-Well fyneden, bytch suck a dyck!!
by BEAST February 21, 2005
"Do you understand me" meshed together into one pimperish word.
I'm going to the supermarket, yunstame?
by BEAST February 20, 2005
noun - pee / urine
verb - to pee / to urinate
I need to do peesung.
Damit! somebody did peesung on the seat!!!
by beast March 13, 2005
1. (Noun) Psychopathic family rapper, Ya Dead Homie, Back from the DEAD to be back with family

2. (Verb) Smokin the magic blunt in the coffin waiting to die, hoping to die, but we will never DIE!!!
If you don't know Blaze, b*tch slap your own face and go home.
Visit the carnival and ride the terror wheel
by Beast November 17, 2003