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1. Is any white loser that has the time in there day to call a African American the n-word.

2. Someone whose ancestors are buring in HELL, for the way they disrespected there own lives. (I would be ashamed of my ancestors if I were a cracker.)

3. Someone who has shown to be very jealous, evil, weak, timid, and tries to compensate by being racist. Which proves they are not who they portray to be.

4. One who is so insecure that they put down others.

5. one who uses immense energy to hate, dislike, and loathe, another cultures.

6. One who is jealous of the dominate skin complexion, beautiful distinctive facal features, small waist, strong curly hair, luscious lips, aggressive body language, and of the mind. In which could be just as smart but; not self conscious enough to pernounce every single letter in the word.

7. A group of people who knew African Americans were a threat and tried to destroy them but where unsuccessful.

8. Someone whose hair is filthy if not shampooed daily. In turn, hair can not hold a style.

A. Related to pigs.
B. Hints needed blacks to keep house clean.

9. Stiff with small penises and slanted noses.

10. One who hates to see someone do better then themselves.

11. People who are angry because they are the only race with out color.

12. One that starves to feel pretty.
If honkys where black then they would think black was better then white.

Nefertari's thoughts: I am a beautiful African queen.

Alisens thoughts: I am so jealous of her. Look at these pyramid's.

Nefertari's thoughts: Life is beautiful, One day I will be in heaven.

Alis thoughts: I would sell my soul to the devil to take her drive, confidence, style, and sence of well being.

Nefertari says: What Alis, you "need me" to go to America with you? No, I'm happy where I am.

Alis response: I have an evil husband at home who is to lazy to build his own land. Plus we crackers need you all's ideas to put our names on.

Nefertari thoughts: I would be evil to if I had a small penis at home with no rhythm.
by Bayg, Cali April 13, 2008

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