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Taken from the latin abreviation: F.F.F.A.B.U.C.S.N., F.F.A, roughly translates to Fit from far away, many years of repetetive use have caused the latin abreviation (of: Fit from far away but up close she nasty) to become obsolete, a shorter version was more appropriate due to the disgruntled half mauled face being within a metre of you. The details of this phrase/word basically entail the sight of a woman from far away who you believe to be 'a bit of a looker', it's not untill they approach you that you can distinguish the pubescent years of acney, blotched fake tan skin, a face that looks like a bag of spanners and that outfit which looked flattering is infact Burberry. To reveal that the most repeated word of use when an F.F.A. is revealed is 'Saggy', tells a story of its own.

When things were so happy in your wonderland of 50-100 feet away, your very own Elysian Fields, when you spot the potential girl of your dream, you are crushed, obliterated and left a mere shell of your former self of 20 seconds ago when you truley see what you were excited about. Many a man has sworn a oath to god after such events, little is known on the emotions they suffer when they see a leggy figure coming over the horizon afterwards.

There are two known symptoms, but neither truley repair the damage.

1) Beer. Amen.

2) Murder. Whether to yourself or the monster. The latter has been branded legal, instead referred to as a "favour to society" (To quote H.R.H The Queen), also known as slaying the demon, from medieval times of Dragon Slaying.
Frank: Look at that bob, what a beaut...those legs...

Bob: I agree, quite a sculpture.

Frank: That's a nice scar...wait..is that Burberry?

Bob: She's becoming more orange as she approaches...

Frank: No...not again! She's NASTY!

Bob: Oh my god...F.F.F.A....

Frank: Yes..from the latin term of F.F.F.A.B.U.C.S.N.

Bob: It couldn't be more appropriate right now! Hey look, there's a church!

Frank: I agree, I have also lost the will to perv...

by Bay-Hay-Kon December 04, 2005
Also known as Fit From Behind. FFB describes the state of shock and disgust at when you see a person(usually a woman) from behind and you are delighted with their curves and shape. It's is not untill they turn around that the phrase comes into act. F.F.B. describes a person who from behind looks rather tastey, yet when he/she turns around end up being what is also known as a minger. Only the phrase F.F.B. can describe the pure emotion of hate, sadness, depression and anti-climax to name a few that is experienced when this occurs to yourself. As of many cases, victims of an F.F.B took such a shock that they gave up all hope on life.
Frank: Ay Bob check out that, rather a juicy peach if you ask me

Bob: I agree what a gif...

*woman turns*

Bob: Oh..oh god no..

Frank: She's nastey! what a F.F.B. she was!

Bob: I feel like dieing right now...
by Bay-Hay-Kon December 04, 2005

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