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chowing down on a bountiful number of tacos after a hard works week.
"This week totally sucked, I need something that will fill me up then put me on the toilet all weekend."
"You thinking a T-sesh, bro?"
"You know it!"
by bauger February 22, 2009
Lots of shredded lettuce; too much lettuce to handle.
"Could I please get two cruncy tacos, hold the letti, and extra tomtoms (please see tomtoms)."
....I thought I said HOLD THE FUCKING LETTI!!!!
(Next days newspaper headline)-Local Man Snaps at Taco Bell for them forever fucking his t-sesh
by Bauger February 22, 2009
diced tomatoes, mainly for gay folk
"ew, i hate when they put these big slices of tomato on my salad."
"I know, I wish they'd load me with tomtoms."
by Bauger February 22, 2009
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