3 definitions by Bassemonk1

repeated ass-to-mouth until the anus has become pure and clean.
Cheryl ran out of toilet paper, so i gave her the hay river pipecleaner.
by bassemonk1 August 07, 2011
An act usually reserved for parties or the refreshments of an orgy. A man with a chest dent has his legs put behind his head and his arms wrapped around his buttocks. His dent is then filled with cereal and milk for the enjoyment of the party-goers or orgy participants.
Ted has the grossest chest dent! We should invite him to the next orgy party and make him into a human cereal bowl.
by bassemonk1 August 07, 2011
a sexual role-playing act where a face is drawn on the lower abdomin of a female, the vagina being the mouth. When intercourse is preformed this gives the man the illusion of recieving felatio.
I drew a clown the last time Cheryl gave me a pussy job. It was hilarious.

I love it when Anne has a huge bush because it looks like a bearded dude is blowing me when she gives me a pussy job.
by Bassemonk1 August 07, 2011

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