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Also known as the greatest DJ who ever lived. He started making songs on Fruity Loops and got discovered by his (joke) song Boten Anna on the internet. He overcame his Tourettes Syndrome and is incredibly successful. He was raised in Halmstad, Sweden with his parents and his younger brother Joakim. He's a really nice and funny guy. He recently starred in a season of Celebrity Big Brother, finishing in fourth place. He speaks fluently in Swedish and English, and proficiently in German, French, Russian, French, Spanish, and is currently learning Dutch. He refers to himself as a computer/video game nerd and doesn't consider himself a celebrity even though he is the biggest commercial dance artist in the world right now. He is 26 years old.
Basshunter is really hot.
by BassFace d[-_-]b February 20, 2011

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